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Chasing Cases. Plaintiff Magazine. January 2018.

Murders of Crows
A Novel by William McGrane (2017)

Does the California Unfair Competition Law Forbid Lenders from Charging California Borrowers Banker's Interest Based on a 360-Day Year? The Banking Law Journal. June 2015

At What Price a Big Law Partnership? The New York Law Journal. February 2014

Bankruptcy Pitfalls of Big Law LLPs for Big Law Firms and Suggested Alternative(s). The LLC & Partnership Reporter. September 2013

A Creditor Strategy to Pre-Empt S.D.N.Y. Venue. ABI Journal. June 2011

Gluing Law Firms Together. Law Practice Today. June 2010

The Erroneous Application of the Defense of in Pari Delicto to BankruptcyTrustees. California Bankruptcy Journal. Volume 29, Issue 2, 2007

Real Estate Law / Lis Pendens
This article was first published in a slightly abridged form in Volume XXVI No. 2 of the ABTL Report, Spring 2004

Securitization of First Party Security as a Section 502(b)(6) Avoidance Device Banking Law Journal (June 2004)

Beware a False Sense of Security ABI Journal (December 2004)


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