Murders of Crows

A Novel by William McGrane

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Praise for Judged, Book One of Murders of Crows:

“Jesus Christ. Cotta and Israel are in the soup again.” 
  - John Keker (

Praise for Bad Law, Book Two of Murders of Crows:

“Hard cases, it is said, make bad law. But they can also make good novels, and William McGrane has done so with a gripping tale of the seamy side of law practice; replete with ethical crises and missteps; heartless firm politics; and the brutal, fragile road to success. The story may make you uncomfortable because the fiction is only a disguise for reality, a reality many of us have faced. But, fiction or fact, Mr. McGrane’s crisply written, insightful and unyielding novel holds you until its conclusion—and even then it stays with you.”
  - Jerome Shestack (

“Wonderful book. I tried to persuade my wife, Kim, that some of the Bad Law stories were fictional, but she didn’t believe me.”
  - Richard Plumridge (

Praise for Book of Business, Book Three of Murders of Crows:

“Compulsively readable.”
  - Ephraim Margolin (

“Book of Business will be read by some as a roman à clef, but its interest and the reader’s enjoyment lie in its deeper yet always vivid reflections of the legal profession and – from my perspective – the legal academy. If it makes other academic colleagues as uncomfortable with the mirror it has us face as it did me, it will have succeeded in one of its major goals without sacrificing our enjoyment of its lively story line.”
  - Richard M. Buxbaum (